Art Exhibition and Allunder1Starry Sky


Last October as part of the Trowbridge Arts Festival 2014, The Friends of Trowbridge Town Hall staged Allunder1Roof at the Town Hall; it was probably the biggest arts event of its kind ever held in Trowbridge and over 2000 attended.


For this year to be bigger or better was impossible so we decided to be different.

This year’s exhibition, will open on the evening of Tuesday 20th October at 7.30 and run until Saturday 31st October and will focus on the subject of the Town Hall, its place at the heart of the community; past, present and future it will featureartwork of all types and will celebrate the growing role of the Town Hall as the creative heart of the town. It will run from 10.00 until 4.00 each day.

Running alongside this exhibition will be Allunder1StarrySky; a chance to see the Town Hall in a different light. It will feature the Town Hall at night and run from Thursday 22nd October until Tuesday 27th October, from 7.30 to 9.30.


The entrance hall will be lit by its glorious stained glass windows, newly restored for the occasion and flood lit from behind.


It will feature DaDa Project an amazing sound and light experience. The music will be a blend of down-tempo beats, ambient noise, old time radio recordings and real time sound created by effects and loop machines plus a UV light showusing recycled materials.


‘Bones and other Beautiful Things, Forgotten..’ is an extraordinary tonal score, poem, lighting and a visual experiment in the old boiler room in the Town Hall it is a personal reaction to a place where history had once been made and then left to its own devices.


The UV maze, quite unlike anything you have seen before will intrigue and puzzle. Mad Hatters Tea Party will amuse and the gloomy gallery will make you examine works of art more carefully.

A glowing expression of pumpkins and a moonlit knitted village and teddy bears picnic will add to your fun and you will sense the past in the shadowy cellars and be able to look out and view the magic garden.



There will be refreshments and a bar so that you can linger and enjoy.

Most amazingly of all admission is free.

Please note neither event will be open on Sunday 25th October.